Tractatus Bengalium
বাঙালি বিলাস

Logline: Tractatus is a film within a film. The first Palme d’Or winning filmmaker and two
South Asian actors scramble to solve murders at a film set while the slow burning of the
ineluctably entwined Hindu-Muslim issues, and contemporary complications fracture our
understanding of the historical events of the 13th Century, the setting of the film that they are
Tagline: Wild at heart, Weird on Top.
Story outline: Tractatus is a black comedy suspense mystery set in the South Asian film world.
The film, told in achronological form, intercuts the stories of two brutal mass murders. One is
within a 13th century period drama involving a Yemeni living saint Shah Jalal, and the complex
and troubled king of Sylhet, Bengal. The first Palme d’Or winning (transgender) filmmaker and
two beautiful south Asian actors, who play the important roles in the film, go, during the
shooting of the film, through events and issues that run parallel to that of their characters.
Genres: Black Comedy, Period Drama, Mystery Suspense
Plot Keywords: Nonlinear timeline, Female protagonist, History, Nudity, Lesbian Sex
Filmmaking, Dark side of celebrity, Movie actress, Murder, Mystery,
Food, Cannes, Tarantino, Godard, Seeking stardom, dreams of
International Stardom

A little about the Director:
Ebadur Rahman is an independent filmmaker; he has received the highest national award, of
Bangladesh, in two categories, in 2012/13.
One of my films represented Bangladesh in the 92nd Academy awards.
One of my short films made it to the Festival de Cannes, in 2011.
Hollywood Reporter wrote:
‘Pushing the envelope furthest is Atrocity Exhibition, showing in the Short Film corner, which its
director Ebadur Rahman has described as “Cannes’ first snuff film.”’
Also, Ebad has a Ph.D. in film studies and teach film making at the only
Government-run film school in Dhaka, Bangladesh.