Ebad's Archieve redefines the notion of a Film Production Company.

Founded in 2011, Ebad’s Archive is the film production wing of PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH. Ebad’s Archive is experienced leader in innovative film production that realizes the vision and ambition of artists, brands and businesses. Ebad’s Archive concepts and produces inventive content that enables audio-visual artists to lead the discourse in the film and cultural landscape. Our mission is to inspire with radical ideas, and bring them to life through strategic action. We are holistic partners to an elite spectrum of forward-thinking filmmakers, artists, technicians and visionaries in the visual and performing arts, fashion, architecture, design, beauty, publishing, internet and entertainment. We realized the artists’ vision by meticulously enhancing their image with highly individualized focus. Deeply engaged in the conversations in convergence of documentary, art, cinema, game and emerging digital trends and deep ties to cultural arbiters, we are a platform for our Artists’ voice. Our Dhaka team is headquartered in the heart of Midtown art gallery district. Paris is our proverbial backyard, the location for multiple film productions and art events. We have worked in major markets across the world and have led communications initiatives in global markets including London, Paris, Kolkata, Vienna, Toronto, and Rio de Janeiro etc.
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What is People's Museum of Bangladesh

PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH is not a repository of artifacts but, it is a performative venue to negotiate the shift and chaos of displacement from body, land, language or labor, caused by colonization, migration etc .
PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH seeks to interrogate art-making process and practices which overlap and bridge art and life, directly addressing pressing urban issues as unemployment of south Asian immigrants in the European metropolises, legal documentations, mental illness, public housing, multicultural demographics and neighborhood, Islamophobia, sexual violence, labor and management relations and, ecology. collective representational space for Bangladeshi artists, craftspeople, living and working in Bangladesh or in the diaspora or any part of the world.
Created in 2006, PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH is, on one hand, an organic and networked archive for information, documentation and, theorization of the issue of displacement, labor, language and, immigration and, on the other hand, it aims to be the largest searchable database and data capturing agency by and for the South Asian Immigrants living and working in Europe.
PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH is a resource hub—embracing national and international cultural venue, organization, arts agency and network, group and individual artist, fair/festival, academy, local authorities, funding body, media—catering to the specific need and demand of the South Asian Populations living and working in Bangladesh.
PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH is the only multi-faceted platform for Bangladeshi artists, mostly, living and working in South-East Asian Region or the diasporas.
PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH inaugurates—by enthusiastically staging micro narratives of immigrant culture makers—a complex process of practical live-intervention that thwarts any return to closed euro-centric antecedents and canonistic vantage points.

What We Do

PEOPLE’S MUSEUM engage in ambitious investigation in urban art making addressing real life issues and populations not served by Museums or any art agency, offering them not only real life solutions but shared authority and, a voice in the creation of a process of mutually empowering endeavor, fostering dialog and discourse for collaborative action.
One way to approach the difference between traditional museum art and PEOPLE’S MUSEUM’s work is through the object. Our work is intended to lead away from the object into the lives of real people, real neighborhood, real communities. The involvement in real time and space opens up our projects, and the importance of this kind of involvement to an understanding of real life situation and crisis rise, with particular urgency, one of the most fundamental of all contemporary art issues: social responsibility.
PEOPLE’S MUSEUM conceives and creates theoretical/artistic/knowledge infrastructures for south Asian immigrant communities/cultural groups/enterprises in the globalized art world.
PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH is envisioned as an innovative, collaborative and a common platform for all south Asian artists, art groups and enterprises and designed to penetrate the mainstream cultural establishments of Europe and North America.
Our Objectives
PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH seeks to integrate, empower, economically and politically stabilize south Asian Diasporic communities/ artists/art groups and enterprises through the following initiatives:
• Maintaining on-going programs—locally and internationally–to intentionally provoke and sharpen the level of perceptivity, creativity and natural awareness, wisdom and compassion of people and, expose these south Asian immigrant communities/arts group to interesting resources vis-a-vis their social, religious and cultural conundrums and enable them to negotiate industry links/promotional opportunity and community partnership that embrace empowerment through various cultural practices and, by critically engaging with social issues and, pushing the boundaries of public art
• Maintain an extensive and expanding database of south Asian artists, artisans, art groups and enterprises and, directory of resources for south Asian artist, and a facility in which artists can enter their own details and upload promotional photos/demos/materials.
• PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH intends to act as the first point of reference for international agencies, museums, promoters, agents, gallery owners and event planners
• Promoting south Asian enterprise, culture, arts within and outside the community, and internationally, and in popular media, community arts circulars, e-mail networks and bulletins
• Stage exchange and feed-back loop of information through seminars, round tables, art camps, residency, themed and heterogeneously storied group shows
• Expanding the reach of the current arts infrastructure by new creating partnership and events
• Most importantly PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH intends to generate new knowledge and value to create portals, so that south Asian immigrants can participate in the social, economic and the cultural life of their host countries, and benefit from the resources and the tremendous opportunities these european societies offer to these immigrants and, to their children.